No one is watching. I just clicked a bunch of buttons and now we have a blog for the product. God bless the Internet. This first post is just to set the stage. We will post frequently about new features, usability enhancements, cool plays and other product related news. Subscribe at the bottom to get the latest right in your email.

The first official release has many great features. These include:

ABM Analytics

  • Account Lists
  • Lead-to-Account Matching (L2A)
  • Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQA) Rules
  • Engagement Minutes


  • Communication History v1
  • Plays
  • Tasks


  • Plabook editing
  • Email Step
  • Phone Step
  • Checklist Step

We have more cool stuff in the pipeline. Expect new posts every week or so. In case you didn’t know, this is Gio the Engagio mascot. He will be helping us along the way.


Secret Easter Egg: In PlayMaker, go to the account selection and type in giogiogio