A major new feature is now available in Engagio PlayMaker called Auto-Start Plays. In the Playbook designer, go to the settings of a new play and you can configure your auto-start settings.


Good plays using auto-start

New MQA Outreach
When a prospect becomes an MQA using Engagio ABM Analytics, you will want to do some form of outreach including emails, phone calls and other tasks. Use the auto-start to detect the new MQA in Salesforce using a SFDC Report. The first step should be a checklist to do your normal cleanup and research activities, plus choose the players on your team and theirs. Follow that up with emails and phone calls as you see fit.

Customer Onboarding
When a new customer signs on, you have all sorts of things to do. First, an email handoff from the account executive to the customer success manager. Then lots of checklists to get them up and running, probably with some phone calls. This is a play where auto-stop may want to be turned off since a reply usually means “keep going”!  This is great to have a consistent and repeatable process for onboarding.

Batch personalized invitations to an event
We have a bunch of parties coming up for Dreamforce 2016. We ran a test of SDRs inviting people vs. SDRs inviting people on behalf of our CEO, Jon Miller. Lo and behold, the clear winner was invitations from the CEO. So all you need to do is set up the invite (and reminder) in PlayMaker and put the CEO  in the FROM field. Our CEO uses the “approve emails sent on my behalf feature”. He uses http://scout.engagio.com on his phone to approve all of the emails. It’s a streamlined way to have personalized invites from an executive in batch mode using auto-start. It may seem complicated, but it works great and is simpler than you think. Ask us today to help walk you through.

There are obviously other triggered plays that will work well, but these are a good start. There are plenty of little best-practices already and we are learning more each day. Plus we keep trying to improve the interface to make it smoother and smoother.

Stay tuned for lots of new features, big and small. Rock On!