A Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) is a big thing. It allows marketing to talk the language of sales. Accounts, not leads, are the currency of choice for sales monitor. In Analytics, you can view the MQA Funnel, but have you ever wished you could click on the other parts of the funnel and see the accounts in it?  (I certainly have!)

Well, now you can.  Just navigate to the MQA Accounts page in ABM Analytics and just click on the funnel.

Now you can click on the MQA Funnel!

It will update the table below and show you all the accounts for that stage in the funnel.  Of course, it is filtered based on your list and settings above.

Lots of usability enhancements and features coming your way.

For those of you from Boston (Brett! Will! Jennie!), we feel your pain.  Next year!