Happy Halloween! Here is a nice treat for you.

For GMail customers, Did you know you can roll out Scout to as many people in your organization as you want? It’s true!

Why bother?

For starters, you get engagement activity automatically inserted into Salesforce. Secondly, Scout looks in each person’s calendar for meetings with people from accounts. These meetings can be used for engagement minutes. So you end up with 60 minutes of engagement from a 60 minute meeting. Sweet, right?

But wait, there is one more treat. Inbound emails are also trackable in engagement. So when your prospect replies to your email, we automatically detect it. Assign minutes for an average reply and that time is logged.

Remember, before they pay you money, they pay you attention. Keep track of it for your target accounts!

Just go to the admin – engagement section and add it in.


Happy Halloween! Here is Gio’s Borg costume.


His original costume freaked us all out. What the heck, Gio??