Phone calls can end in several outcomes.


The first three (Good, Neutral, Bad) are “connects”. It means you spoke to the person and could judge their willingness to engage in a sale. The third three (Voicemail, Wrong Number and No Connect) are “no connect”. Usually you want a play to pause if their is a successful phone connect. Just jump to the settings of a play and you will see the auto-pause feature to do exactly that.


Nice, right?

Some other goodies:

  • Go to Manage Account Lists. Notice the extra column that says Lead to Account Setting. Now you can see which lists have an L2A setting without having to look at each one individually.
  • Check out your tasks. You will notice a little button on the right side. It gives you a bunch of task options. Give it a try. Also, make sure to try it in your mobile browser too. Just go to and swipe left on a task.


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