For 11-11-2016, I have a laundry list for you. Ready?

Fix incorrect leads-account match

This one is quite simple. Let’s say you have a lead who somehow got matched to a specific account, but you realize that it was a mistake. You can change the matched account directly in salesforce. Here is how.

Find the Engagio Matched Account on the lead. Click to edit and then use the search feature to find the right account.


Leave the account blank to remove matching altogether for that lead.

The system will pick up the change in the nightly sync and rematch the lead everywhere in the system.

Scout Options for Salesforce

Right-click on the Engagio chrome extension and click Options.



You will see a choice to hide the charts or change their placement. We will likely make other charts available in there soon. Also, if you collapse any of the sections, it will be sticky and remember how you left it.

Enhanced Wait Options

We improved the usability of the advanced wait options. It’s clearer now what you are choosing. Click the button called “Choose Date” if you want to pick from a calendar.


Do you think it could use more love? Use Slack to send us feedback and we will improve it.

I hope you like, no LOVE the updates. Go for love or don’t go at all, amirite?