Marketo Programs and Salesforce Campaigns are key tools to keep track of who was involved in which events and marketing initiatives. Up until now, you could only track minutes on membership in those programs/campaigns, not split it out with different statuses.

Head on over to the admin -> engagement section and check out the new ability to specify status in your programs or campaigns.


It works for both the Marketo Programs section as well as the Salesforce Campaign section.

As an example, if you have a 1 hour webinar; give 1 min for “Registered”, 60 mins for “Attended” and nothing for “No Show”. This will likely result in a whole bunch of changes for your scoring.

Note: Remember that changes work retroactively, and are compiled each night.

Helpful Tip
Marketing and Sales often get out of alignment regarding scoring. Make sure your end-users, the SDRs and Account Execs believe in and support the scoring system. If you have accounts that “look wrong” to them, they will start to ignore the engagement altogether. This would be a bad outcome, obviously.

Stay in touch and aligned between sales and marketing and good things happen.

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