Ok, this is the last one for today…and it’s a crucial one.

You can now update the information for an account from Salesforce on demand. Also, you can easily import a new account from Salesforce without having to wait overnight. Huzzah!

The first one is easy. Just update whatever fields you want in Salesforce and then click the refresh button in PlayMaker.


Simple is as simple does. Note: Refresh Account will not update the engagement analytics. It will just import new people in the account and update fields for other people and the account.

To import a brand new account, just try to search for the name of the account you created in Salesforce and click Import Account.


Enter in the Salesforce ID and it will do the rest automagically.



Now now, when you have a brand new account you can run the play immediately. This is an exciting day, lots of goodness. It makes Gio just want to spout!