In the ABM Analytics product, you can do amazing things. You can track engagement of your target accounts, break down your accounts into coherent cohort lists. You can see your marketing automation program impact against those engagement minutes. You can filter people and accounts in lots of different ways.

However, there was one filter not available, until now.

Let’s say you want to see all of the CxO people from target accounts who have engaged in a webinar. First, go to your target list (All Target Accounts) and click on engagement.


Then filter by category = Webinar and Role = CxO


Finally, scroll down the table and change the grouping.


You can choose Person, Activity or Account. Each row would roll up based on that grouping. This gives you new capabilities to find the specific people you need.

Some other examples of what you can do with this capability:

  • Show me Brett’s accounts where someone visited the pricing page
    [filter: Details Contains “pricing”]
  • Show me target accounts where we held a meeting last month
    [filter: Type Equals “Meeting Attendance”]
  • Show me Tier 1 accounts with more than 10 minutes and less than 60 minutes of total engagement during Q4
    [filter: Engagement Between 30 to 60]

Lots of good stuff still coming in February. There is so much typing to do, we hired an intern with 8 arms. Here is her employee photo:


Barabara (above) is studying computer science at Cal Berkeley. Currently, she is learning Sea++. (ba dum fish!)