Switching between tabs to complete your task is a pain. We are trying to save you time by allowing you to edit data wherever you are.

Adding People on the Fly
In people area, check out the little plus button.


Click it and you can add a lead instantly to Salesforce. It will be automatically matched to the right account. Remember how you used to have to wait a day to do this. Now it’s right away. Woo hoo!


*Coming in 2017 the ability to add contacts

Editing People Data
Right click on one of the people and click Show Data. Notice on the right the details of the contact or lead.


*Coming soon, we are redesigning the whole scout section to make it easier to edit and read

You can click on any field and it will update in salesforce.com right away.

At the bottom, you can add fields to your personal view. (Upgrades to this are on the way)

No Longer with Company
In that same menu, you can do other things, like mark a lead as no longer with company. It will put them in a folder, out of the way.


*Coming in 2017, you will be able to automatically mark SFDC fields as well in this process. However, for now, you can edit the fields (above) to achieve the same goal.

Rematch/Un-match Lead to Account
If you happen to catch an incorrectly matched lead and realize it belongs to another account, just click the menu item to Re-match (or un-match to leave it orphaned).

It will popup a menu and let you pick which the right account is. The results will update in Salesforce immediately.

Editing Data in an Email
It’s simple, but very useful. When you are editing an email and see a misspelled name, just click on the pill and edit the details. Voila! Instant updates in Salesforce and Engagio.


We have so much goodness coming in 2017 including a fully redesigned task interface, a redesigned Scout experience, play analytics and much much more. I can’t wait.

Gio wants to congratulate the New England Patriots for their SuperBowl LI win. It was the best comeback since the Monday Night Miracle 16 years ago. Fun Fact: Tom Brady grew up in San Mateo, CA, which is also the home of Engagio. I guess good things are born in San Mateo.