We are engineering some big feature enhancements to Scout in the near future. To prepare for that, we are moving a few things around. Sorry for moving the cheese, I usually try not to do that.

Where did the people panel go?!?
Again, sorry for moving the cheese. It will all make sense soon. The people information has moved to the right side. See the two people icon on the top right, that’s it. On that score, we changed is how scout looks. Rather than a menu navigation, it is now a sidebar navigation on the right.


The icon choices (from top to bottom) are:

  1. People list
  2. Account dashboard
  3. List of active plays
  4. Communication history
  5. Plays or text snippets
  6. Tasks (at the bottom right)

When you navigate the choices will remain sticky for you, except in special circumstances. For example, if you are on the players page, the people side panel will open up automatically. We also added the most engaged people at the top of the people panel to help identify the right people to target.

An additional change is in the PlayBook area. Scout on the right side is simplified to eliminate the confusion of which section you are in. No more nav or tasks. Don’t worry, tasks are about to get their own major section very soon.

If you have questions about the new architecture or would like to see the new Tasks UI design up close, just click on the intercom chat icon on the bottom left of the screen and Shaun can help schedule time. Lots more work happening to make Engagio easier and faster than ever before.