We are working on some big changes and improvements that are all scheduled to go out over the next 90 days. Whenever possible, we are going to release those improvements as we go, rather than hold them back for a single big release.

That way, we can get feedback as we go.

This update is pretty straight forward. When you are in GMail, you can click the Engagio button in the compose window (see below) and choose a template from your playbook.

Engagio button in GMail compose window

This will insert the text of the template directly into the compose window.

In case you didn’t know how to make a template, just click on the Save as Text Icon in the Email step.

Save as Text.jpg

You can’t directly edit the templates yet, but that is also on the horizon. In the meantime, just create these templates and let your SDRs go to town.

Fun Fact: New employees to Engagio get a mug with their name and custom Gio illustration. Here is the latest request: Hockey Gio!


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