Scout just took a major step forward. We have Tabs, Profiles, Editing and more…

First up is the Scout Tab. This tab will recognize a company or person on the page and load up the right info. This works in GMail, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. It turns teal colored when it finds a match. It also has a little indicator that tells you how many tasks you have.


Note: If you want to suppress the Tab just click on the Chrome Extension and click Options. This will have a toggle to hide the tab from your view.

If you click it, Scout will open. Scout has received a big speed boost, so it should open nice and quick. If it finds the person, it will jump to their person profile including activities, communication history as well as plays they are in.


Lots to point out here:

  • You can cycle through people in the account with the up and down buttons or search for a coworker of the contact.
  • You can click the link at the top to see all of the people all at once.
  • There are links to Twitter, LinkedIn and Salesforce courtesy of ClearBit.
  • Click the little pencil on the right to go to Edit Data mode. (See below)
  • You can Run a Play from the bottom. (See further below)

Edit data mode lets you choose the fields you want to see and edit them directly, just click on the value. It will update in real-time.

If you want to see more fields, just click the gear on the right and it will let you choose new fields and reorder them. (Drag and drop)



If you have fields that are lookups to users in Salesforce like Assigned ADR Owner, it will automatically show you the name, not the crazy Salesforce ID. Woo hoo!

But wait, there’s more… Click on the people at the top.


Click on any person and you get a menu. You can re-match or un-match the L2A settings or mark them as No Longer with Company. (It doesn’t currently change any fields in Salesforce, but that is coming later this year.)

Also, notice the little (+) button. You can add matched leads to the account at any time on the fly.


If Scout detects a new person it will prompt you to add them.


Next up is the Run Play button. Just look at the bottom when you are on an account or particular person. Click Run Play and it will give you the Playbook to choose your play.


It lets you know if that person is already in a play and how many steps there are, plus what the first step is.  Click Load Play and it takes you to the next step.


You can edit the name of the play and pick the players. If the play started from a particular person it will throw their name into the first persona on their team. Coming later this year, we will check a persona field that you can maintain and automatically map people.

Coming soon, the email editor will be embedded right there for you to write an email and send it on its way.

Bonus: You can now resize the panel! Just put your mouse on the edge of the panel and drag it left/right.

So much goodness and we have so much more on the way. Work on the new Task UI is progressing nicely. I hope to have it in beta next month.

I feel like we are really starting to take wing. What do you think?