Bug Bashing
The last month or so, we have fixed over 150 bugs. Hopefully, you have seen the improved stability and reliability. We take quality seriously. So if you see a bug, please report it to the slack channel. I will personally see to it that it gets attention.

Additionally, we have improved a bunch of things that we call fit & finish all over Engagio. There are more to come, but here are some examples:

Account Play Table
When you go to an account in PlayMaker and click on Plays you will see a table with just the plays for that account including good information about them. Right click on the status to delete or resolve a play.

Run Play in Account is less confusing
When you go to an account and look on the right, the playbook is no longer there. Instead, look to the bottom and you can see the Run Play Bar. Click it and it will give you the playbook to choose your play or start with a simple step.

Play Table and Run Play Bar

Run Play buttons

This is a change from how it was. The intention is to make it less confusing when you are editing the playbook vs. editing an individual play. You still have a snippets section for when you want to drag content into an email. More documentation on Run Play. This is also not consistent with running a play from Salesforce.com.

Persona Warnings
This one is a request from customers just like you. When the persona has a warning, the email or phone would blink red. We added a little line to show exactly what’s wrong rather than wait for the user to hover.


Note: It automatically detects if the person has an email or phone step targeting them. It won’t give you a warning if no steps target that person.

Sender Tokens
It’s a minor thing, but you should always use Sender Tokens when signing off an email that you design in the PlayBook. The reason is that someone could change who the email is from and you don’t want to have a mismatch on the signature. It’s easy to do. When you add the token, just choose sender on the left and it will do the rest for you.


Program Impact Groupings
In Analytics, you can now group program impact by Salesforce Campaign/Type or by Marketo Tag/Channel. Don’t forget all the cool columns you can add to make a true ABM program impact report.


Official Beta Program
Go to your personal profile page and you will see a new option there called Advanced Settings.


Change it to “Show Beta Features” and you will see new functionality. Beta features aren’t perfect, but do it if like to live on the edge.

Example beta feature: Run Play from Salesforce Account
Go to Salesforce and bring up an account. Remember, you need to have Show Beta Features turned on. You will see this button:


That will slide Scout out and let you run a play for that account. We are improving that feature significantly in the future, so stay tuned for more.

MQA Flexibility (beta – soon to be released)
Ask your CSM if you are interested in enhancing your MQA settings. A bigger rollout will be coming soon as it exits beta. Until then, keep it on the DL.

There are some major features that should be coming out in the next month or so. I am excited and so is Gio. He is working out with Soul Cycle getting ready for the next big features.