Two new play steps are available for you. Marketo and LinkedIn.


Marketo Play Step

This step uses the Request Campaign trigger. Here are instructions on how to set up your Marketo Smart Campaign to show up on the list. All you need to do is add the step in your play and PlayMaker will do the rest.


You choose the people you want to add to that Smart Campaign and which campaign you want to use. Optionally, you can specify an approver. If you just want it to be automatic, leave the approver blank.

Examples of using this step in a play:

  1. Human-to-Automation
    Start with a human email or phone call step and if you receive no reply, add them to a nurture stream. After a few months, the play will continue with some more human emails/phone calls. Switch seamlessly between automation and human effort. That’s Marketing Orchestration!
  2. Data Management
    If you want to change a field on a lead or contact when a play reaches a certain point, just throw in the Marketo step and get all the power of automation right in the middle of your play.

Share your usage in the Slack Channel. We want to hear what you are doing.

More documentation on the Marketo Play step.


This step is pretty straightforward. If you want the sales rep or ADR to send someone a message through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, just throw int he step and it will make a specialized task for them.

The task will link people directly to the compose window in LinkedIn and copy the text of the message to the clipboard. As LinkedIn opens up their APIs we plan on even deeper integrations.

Give it a try. Different people will respond more/less through different channels?  Which channel should we roll out next? Let us know in the Slack channel or through Intercom at the bottom left of the Engagio app.

More documentation on the LinkedIn Play step.

Cool, right?