• PlayMaker
    • Play Console
    • Edit snippets
    • Duplicate play
  • Scout
    • Better detection in GMail
    • Edit emails in Scout
    • Account plan/notes
  • Analytics
    • Saved filters
    • Salesforce Lightning support

That’s a lot to unpack. Let’s get started.


Play Console
We have been working on this one for a long, long time. Play Console is a humongous update. If you have ever tried to execute dozens or hundreds of plays, you know it has been a lot of clicking to get things accomplished. The Play Console streamlines all task execution and allows you to scale your human touch efforts exponentially. It’s designed to be easy and fast. Our internal mantra is 90 miles an hour. We will be continuing to reduce any speed bumps and add bulk actions to get the speed to the max.

Rather than list every feature of Play Console, we made this 5-minute video to walk you through it.

Our customer success team should be in touch to relaunch you on PlayMaker with this game-changing new interface.

Edit Snippets
I don’t know why we didn’t have this before, but it’s an obvious feature. You can now edit text snippets directly. Just click on the text snippet in the PlayBook and go to town.


Duplicate Play
Just right click on a play or text snippet and click Duplicate. Bam! This is a big improvement on the previous method.

Note: Dragging plays from Published Content to My Content will automatically make a duplicate so you don’t accidentally delete plays intended for multiple people.



Better detection in GMail
If you use GMail, scout now loads up the right person for you based on the email TO or FROM fields. Also, just try clicking on a name and Scout will load up their profile.


Tip: Have you edited the fields you see? It’s pretty cool. Learn how to customize your fields in Scout.

Edit emails in Scout
Let’s say you are on LinkedIn and just want to send a quick email to someone on behalf of your CEO (with their approval). That would be cool, right?

First, open up Scout and click Run Play.


In addition to being able to run a Play, you can also just shoot off a single email.


Voila! Start typing your email and choose the sender. Widen the editor (just drag on the left edge of Scout). You can even create a task for yourself to finish the email later.


Account Plan/Notes
There is a new category in Scout called Account Plan.


You can keep notes in there or build a full account plan. It’s shared amongst all of the Scout users. A simple, but powerful way to stay aligned on goals.

ABM Analytics

Saved Filters
In ABM Analytics, you may have multiple sets of filters that you use repeatedly. Now you can save the filters and switch back and forth seamlessly. Big time saver!


Salesforce Lightning Support
We finally are starting to see some customers using Salesforce Lightning. I use it myself and find it a nice improvement for them. Now Scout works properly in there as well as inserting the trend chart. Let us know if you see anything wrong in there.

Lots of little enhancements on the way as we round off these features. Plus, our Fall release is looking great so far. Happy Summer everyone!