We really want you to be able to do more and more work directly in Scout.

What’s Scout? Have you seen the 3 minute Scout video? It’s cool.

The big improvement right now is that you can edit emails directly from Scout.

Let’s say you are in LinkedIn or Salesforce. Just pop open Scout and click Run Play, then click the little green plus.


(That’s my first animated gif screen capture. I hope it works)

If you are running a play from Scout and the first step is an email, it will let you edit the text right there. Lastly, if you approve emails, you can now edit the emails before you approve. This works great on your phone too.

Just go to http://scout.engagio.com on your phone and get lots of value.

Some other items of note:

  • In the person profile, click on the logged emails. They now go to the specific email. I started using that one today and love it.
  • In the Admin section, you can suppress Communication History.
  • On that same page, you can now set custom fields to use for Scout’s profile picture, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • You can now run plays from the people page in Scout (Image below)


Plus, of course, lots of bug fixes and performance enhancements. We are always trying to make things smoother, more usable and faster.

We have some big things in the hopper that will help you and your team be super heroes. Right Gio?