A major change to the email editor is now live.

Note: Some of you received this information via email last week. This is the official live announcement. Sorry for repetition.

The inline tasks in the email editor have been causing intermittent rendering issues such as extra line-breaks and incorrect formatting. We had to change the system to make sure emails are always bulletproof.

Inline Tasks are now Email Checklists
We decided to remove the inline tasks and replace them with an email checklist instead.  This means you can no longer put the task inline in the body of the email. Example: [Customize HERE] – I know this was useful, but it has been one of the sources of the problem.  For now, you can still resolve already created inline tasks, but you should move them to the email checklists.

Email Checklist Specifics

  • You can pop open the email checklist by clicking on the new checklist icon or by pressing (Alt-T) on your keyboard.

E-Mail To-Do Checklist.jpg

  • You can complete all your tasks all at once by pressing Alt-D
  • You can drag the checklist around the screen and still type
  • You can save the content and mark all the tasks as finished with one click (right side of button)

Save Split.gif

Autosave is now a Save Button
Although autosave is cool, it was causing some issues.  To maintain stability and consistency, there is now a save button.

Note: If you leave the page, it will automatically save. (Control-S will also save)

Preview Mode
When the email is rendered it is in read-only mode. Clicking on it will start the editor. Additionally, at the bottom right, there is a little eyeball. Hovering or clicking on that will show you the email rendered as it will look when someone receives the email.

E-mail Preview.gif

But wait, there’s more!

Bulk Actions

You can speed up taking certain repetitive actions now by doing them in mass.  From the homepage, you can bulk resolve Plays.  From Play Console, you can:

  • bulk approve emails (email approval tasks)
  • bulk resolve Plays (Play has problem notifications)
  • bulk resume and bulk resolve Plays (Play stopped notifications)


New Bulk Actions.jpg


These has been in testing for a while, but let us know of any bugs, and we will jump on it immediately.

We are TURTLE-Y making the system better every single month.



P.S. Lots of goodness in beta. Stay tuned and give feedback in the Slack Channel or Intercom.