If you haven’t already seen them live, there are two new inserts you’ll find in Salesforce–Account Highlights and the Engagement Activities Table.  These new additions will help you access more of Engagio’s information in more places now.

Use Account Highlights to stay updated on key people and their recent engagement.


And use the Engagement Activities table to see all interactions happening at an account including specifics like person, title, engagement type, engagement details, related minutes, and date.

Engagement Activities.jpg

But wait–there’s a few more tweaks, as well:

Saved Filters

You now can get a bit more specific with the of data you’re seeing in these inserts by using saved filters (click here to learn how to create saved filters).  Simply select a filter you’ve created from the dropdown, and this will apply to the Engagement Trend Chart and the Engagement Activities.

Fillters (more).gif

I know what you’re thinking–where did the heat map go? (AKA: the colorful boxes you use to see before)–not to worry, it’s still around just not turned on by default.  You can turn it back on:

  1. Click on the Engagio icon in the top your Chrome browser.
  2. Select “Options” from the menu.
  3. Toggle the heat map on or off (or toggle any inserts you like to your heart’s content).


Reminder that the inserts will only appear if you’ve downloaded and are using our Chrome extension (you can get it here).

Got feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel or Intercom.  In the meantime, watch you Halloween candy intake–Franken-Gio looks like he might have had a few too many…




P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the near future:

Drilling Into Engagio

View in Engagio.jpg

Want to dive a little deeper into the data you’re seeing in the Salesforce inserts?  You will be able to click directly into Engagio and land on the associated view in our ABM Analytics dashboard, by clicking on the “View in Engagio” links.