We added a number of new features and updates over the last month–a lot of which revolves around customizing your Engagio data.  If you haven’t already given them a try, I think you’ll be excited to hear about what’s new!

New Features

  • There are new Salesforce inserts that can be activated and toggled under our extension settings (reminder that the inserts will only appear if you’ve downloaded and are using our Scout Chrome extension):
    • Highlights and Activities Table are live.
    • All inserts are now available on both account pages AND opportunity pages.
    • And you can dig directly into those inserts by clicking-through using the “View in Engagio” links.
  • Customize your sidebar with the new Scout Widget Panel (the nine-dot icon).
  • In Play Console, we detect if the step after a phone call is an e-mail. If so, you’ll see a new split button that will open up the e-mail step in a new tab in case you want to follow-up with an e-mail right after a call.
  • There’s no going back–deleting a folder in PlayMaker now deletes everything within it (with an extra warning step that requires you to know how to spell “delete”).


Custom Fields in Salesforce
Administrators can now customize Engagio data and how it writes back to Salesforce so it works for your sales organization.  Slice or roll-up engagement minutes, count of activities, and first engagement date for customized timeframes and filtered down to meet specific activity criteria.  Learn more about it in this spiffy video:
User Level Filters
All users are can choose their own default views for analytics throughout Engagio using the saved filter of choice under profile settings.  See how to customize this for yourself:


  • The activities on Person Profile in Scout has been updated to list of all activities in a table view with date, activity type, and associated engagement minutes (hover over the activity type to see details for that activity).
  • The Our Team section of the Pick Players screen in PlayMaker has shrunk down.
  • Click on an individual Play card in Scout and it will drill down into the Play’s history log.
  • A new tab opens when you select ‘Go to Play’ from any dropdown menu in Play Console.
  • Sorting your tasks by date (newest and oldest) now works in Play Console.
  • Landing on a phone call step in Play Console automatically pulls up the Communication History for that Play in Scout.
  • The “Daily Task Report” e-mail has been updated to sync with your Play Console tasks.
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