I hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday season! We’ve got some presents for you as the end of the year is just around the corner.

New Features

  • Adding People as Lead OR Contact: When adding a new person in Scout, you can now select the individual to be either a lead or contact from the get go (no need to wait for matching of the lead).
  • Engagio Status: Ever wonder if Engagio is down? Visit our status page to view all planned and unplanned outages. Make sure to subscribe to receive e-mail notifications, bookmark the page, or find it directly from the Engagio homepage.


PlayBook History
Similar to an individual Play, you can how find the history of a template under PlayBook designer. Simply go to PlayBook, select any Play that you’ve used (this will be helpful for everything from one-off to batch to auto-trigger), and click the new History tab. You’ll see the Account, the Details (which links to the individual Play if you click on it), Date, and associated Player. In most cases you’ll see two items under Details: the Play ran and the first step was executed (which confirms a Play has successfully started). If there was as problem or if you hit a limit, you’ll see an error telling you such. See more in the video:


New Selection / Moving Structure in PlayBook
In PlayMaker’s PlayBook, you can now use command + mouse click to select multiple items in the content tree. Right-click on a folder or section (My Plays, Published Plays) for action options including move. Keep in mind, you cannot move folders between the My Plays and Published Plays sections. Learn more about it in the video below:


  • Weekly E-Mail Redesign: The updated weekly e-mail design is now live for all Engagio customers and users who are set receive e-mails. If you haven’t already seen this in your inbox, let us know. Among the new graphics and tables, you’ll find sections for Highlights, Most Engaged Accounts, MQAs, Open Opportunity Engagement, Web Traffic, Most Engaged People, and Most Engaged Executives. We’ve moved away from sending reports as attached PDFs, and sections are now clickable directly from the e-mail into the associated section in our Engagio Analytics dashboard.
  • Reintroduced Text Snippets in Editor: In any editor, you can now insert snippets using the “T-Snips” icon (this is now the unofficial name, FYI). Clicking on the icon will give you a dropdown of all your saved snippet options.


Have questions or feedback? Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reply directly back to me!

Keep on swimming!