And just like that 2018 is here–hope the year has been off to great start for all of you!  To get things started on the right foot, we have some incredibly helpful tools to get your ABM into shape.


Admins: You can now categorize engagement minutes with activity fields.

Users: A new default filter will allow you to focus only on marketing-driven engagement from accounts.

New Features

  • Activity Fields and Categorizing Engagement Minutes:Admins now have the ability to categorize engagement activity, which will better help with filter capabilities throughout Engagio’s analytics platform.  As a starting point, we created a default “Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement” field for everyone that allows admins to categorize activities as sales, marketing, or none (admins should take time to review this for your instance and reach out to your CSM for help).  You can add more activities to categorize against, analyze engagement, and create new saved filters based on categorizations.  Learn more about it in the video below.


  • Persona Mapping (Their Team):Last year we introduced persona mapping for “Our Team” inside of PlayMaker.  Now you can automatically assign players on “Their Team” based on keywords in Salesforce fields.  It use to be that the personas you typed in on “Their Team” would only be a textual clue to the person running a Play to go to the list of people and find the best fitting person.  Leveraging persona mapping will automatically suggest people that meet the persona criteria for you.  Read more about how it works in our detailed documentation.



  • New Default Filter: In the coming days, you’ll notice a new filter (“Engagio Marketing Engagement”) has been applied to your views of engagement activities, graphs, and charts you’re seeing across Engagio.  This new filter will help you focus on marketing-driven engagement minutes as categorized above (removing sales-driven efforts out of the mix).  This will only affect you if you haven’t previously selected your own default filter.  Learn how to change your user-level default filter view (or remove a filter) at anytime here.


Have questions or feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reach directly out to me via e-mail below!

Keep on swimming!