Last week we shared Engagio’s January product updates (if you missed it, check out the blog post). We also alerted you to a change coming to your default filter that is now live. Here’s some more details:

What is this default filter?
A new default filter (“Engagio Marketing Engagement” ) has been applied to views of engagement activities and minutes you’re seeing across Engagio. This gets applied to:

  1. Just the Dashboard section of the Engagio Analytics application.
  2. The weekly e-mail snapshot reports.
  3. Default to the Salesforce plug-in views.

This won’t change your data, just your default view of it (which you can adjust).


Marketing Filter GIF.gif


Why is it being applied?
This new filter will help you focus on marketing-driven engagement by removing sales-driven efforts–helping you better evaluate account engagement. Admins have access to add or edit activity fields and categorize engagement further using a new feature launched this week (see the “Engagement Categorization” video) that has the ability to affect your filter.

When is this happening?
The new default filter has been set and is now live.

Who will this filter affect?
You will only see this by default if you haven’t previously selected your own default filter.

How can I adjust or remove my filter?
You can always change your user-level default filter view (or remove a filter) at anytime–watch this video to learn how.


You can also easily toggle the filtered views in Engagio’s Salesforce inserts from the drop-down menu without changing your default filter.
Engagio Marketing Engagement Filter (SFDC).png


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