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Just because Valentine’s Day already passed, we’re not done showing love for our customers this February. We have some major features and enhancements to organize and prove the impact of your efforts.

New Features

  • Play Analytics: We’ve created a new analytics dashboard for PlayMaker to help track performance. You can now gain insight into how Plays influence a number of key metrics by Play Owners, Plays, and Custom (where you can group by any field tracked in Engagio). You also have the ability to view this in a table format, filter, and/or use custom date ranges. You’ll be seeing Play Analytics roll-out over the coming weeks–keep an eye out for a follow-up announcement.




  • Dash Account Lifecycle Stage Sequencing: You can now easily define which Account Stage is allowed to follow the next by setting the Lifecycle Stage Sequence in Engagio Dash.

Dash Feb 2018 Product Update.png



  • Dash Attribution Calculation Timing Control: We’ve added the option to calculate attribution asynchronously, with a definable delay, to allow for more granular control over SFDC processes.


  • PlayMaker Integrations: Does your team use AdRoll, Oracle Eloqua, Outreach, SalesLoft, Sendoso, or Terminus? We’re finalizing our newest step-level integrations and would love to give you early access. Simply send me a note (jason@engagio.com).


Have questions or feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reach directly out to me via e-mail below!

Keep on swimming!