Spring has finally arrived, and we’re excited announce a number of new features that will make it easier to track and drive quality engagement.


COMING SOON! A New Look and Feel for Engagio

You’re probably aware that various parts of the Engagio platform look a bit dissimilar. We figured it was high time to update that. This will ensure that users have a more consistent Engagio experience regardless of their role or the product they’re using. We’re also excited because this consistent look and feel will allow us to more rapidly deliver product enhancements!

What does this mean for you? This migration will roll-out over several phases and is designed to deliver a new look and feel with minimal disruption to your business process. First, this weekend after close of business on Friday, May 4th, PlayMaker users will see an update to the PlayMaker dashboard color scheme. This is a visual change only and will not impact functionality or the manner in which you navigate the application.

The migration will continue over the coming weeks, but please be assured that you’ll receive advance notice along with an overview of the expected impact to your business operations.

TRACK EVEN MORE SALES ACTIVITIES: Automatic logging of Inbound Emails, Non-PlayMaker Outbound Emails, and Events

You can now log even more sales activities directly to your Salesforce instance. Engagio will detect all new inbound emails received and sent from your email client, plus all meetings or events detected from your calendar. A couple things to note:

  • All logged items must match to an account in Salesforce. These will then log against a lead or contact.
  • These activity logging types have been activated by default. An Engagio admin can deactivate logging if the business so chooses. This can be accessed via Engagio Settings > General > Activity Logging as shown below.


Learn more about how we log to Salesforce here. (And remember, all of our latest PlayMaker integrations also log into Salesforce.)


Marketing teams no longer have to worry about keeping PlayMaker activity a in sync with Account Activity in Salesforce. With Salesforce Steps in PlayMaker, it is now possible to capture the most recent activity after each PlayMaker touch without requiring account owners to manually make changes in Salesforce.

This release supports the following Salesforce actions:

  • Change account-level data fields
  • Change lead or contact-level data fields
  • Add person(s) to a Salesforce Campaign
  • Create a Salesforce Task

unnamed (2).png


Learn more about each Salesforce step type in our documentation.


If your marketing team is anything like ours, you obsess over metrics and analytics. To help be sure marketing teams have the right set of insights available, there are now ten new standard dashboards in Dash. Additionally, these dashboard are optimized to view in Classic, Lightning and Salesforce One.

Here are some details from just three of the dashboards:

  • CMO Highlights: This dashboard is designed to provide the broad visibility into the marketing team’s performance. It includes metrics such as total pipeline generated/influenced, where accounts are in the ABM account funnel, top performing channels and ROI on marketing investment.
  • Revenue and Pipeline Attribution Dashboard: This is actually two dashboards so you can explore both revenue and pipeline in depth. Each includes measures of marketing influence against total pipeline, the mix of and best performing marketing channels – and more.
  • ABM Program ROI Dashboard: You’ve defined your target account list and turned on ABM. Now what? This dashboard focuses on the performance of your ABM program and successes with target accounts. It includes deeper visibility into the Account funnel, % of accounts showing success, best performing campaigns and channels – and more.

Other new dashboards now available include:

  • MQA Impact
  • Attribution Examples
  • Journey KPIs
  • Journey KPI Details
  • Journey Stages – Inflow and Outflow
  • Campaign Bubbles
  • Channel ROI Detail

unnamed (3).png


Stay tuned for more information on documentation and resources to help you leaarn more about Dash!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 10 Ways to Customize your Engagement Reporting

We were excited to kick off our monthly webinar series sharing best practices along with tips and tricks to get the most out of Engagio. Last week, Shaun Van Weelden covered 10 Ways to Customize your Engagement Reporting. If you missed it, you can access the materials here.


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Keep on swimming!