Summer is just around the corner and we’ve been focused on getting Engagio’s new look and feel ready for graduation – here are a few things to keep in mind.

Unified Engagio Experience: Available in Public Beta on June 2nd

Last month we announced that Engagio was working to deliver a more consistent experience across our products. The first step was to unify our color scheme. This visual change, reflected in Scout and Playmaker, went live the weekend of May 4th.

We are now finishing development on the product integration that will allow users to access all Engage (Analytics) and PlayMaker activity from a single screen. The new UI will be available to users that have turned on “Show Beta Features” on their profile after close of business June 1st. Please note that the “Show Beta Features” setting is managed at the user level profile page as shown below. Users that have not turned on  “Show Beta Features” will experience no change at this time.

unnamed (4).png


Getting Started

If you are a PlayMaker customer, the new experience will look familiar but now Engage Analytics pages have been incorporated into your account views. You’ll also be able to select views at the Account List level.

unnamed (5).png


If you are not a PlayMaker customer, you’ll still be able to navigate to Engage data and functionality as the left-side navigation is similar to the existing UI. PlayMaker navigation will simply be suppressed from your view.

Regardless of the products you use, you’ll find a number of other enhancements designed to improve usability. These include:
  • Filtering Enhancements: Heatmaps and pie charts are now clickable for drill down.
  • New Sidebar: Clickable insights on the person without leaving current page.
  • Navigation Enhancements: Filters, buttons, and list management are now more visible.

More details on all of these changes are outlined in the documentation for Customer Beta: Unified Engagio Experience. As an Engagio admin, we encourage you to get an early view of these changes in Beta. If you find any issues or have feedback on Beta, you can  report these to the Engagio engineering team through Intercom.

We expect to remain in Beta for the next few weeks, after which users will be able to see these new pages without having the beta flag turned on. Please note, Engagio will support both the new and legacy UI for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition for all users. You will receive advance notification as we prepare for each event.

Finally, as you plan for this transition, the Engagio team will be providing additional resources (overview webinar, office hours) to address any outstanding questions. More information on registering for these events and receiving additional materials will be sent in the near future.


Any other questions or concerns? Share it in our Slack Channel, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reply directly back to me!

Keep on swimming!

Jason Jay Sharma