Product Updates: June 2018

Happy June! Summer’s finally here and we hope you’re as excited about warm weather and summer vacations as we are. But even with the great weather, we’ve got a steady stream of improvements coming your way.

Unified Engagio Experience: Available in Soft GA on June 16th

The Unified Engagio Experience has been in Public Beta since June 1st. Thank you to all of you who have turned on “Show Beta Features” to explore the new UI and provide feedback.

After close of business June 15th, the new UI will be available to all users. Users will still be logged into the Classic Analytics but can transfer to the new UI simply by clicking the “Try New Analytics” link at the top of the left side navigation. Users can return to the Classic Analytics view at any time via the link near the bottom of the left side navigation.

Soft GA

As a Reminder: What’s New

If you are a PlayMaker customer, the new experience will look familiar but now Engage Analytics pages have been incorporated into your account views. You’ll also be able to select  views at the Account List level.

What's New

If you are not a PlayMaker customer, you’ll still be able to navigate to Engage data and functionality as the left-side navigation is similar to the existing UI. PlayMaker navigation will simply be suppressed from your view.  

Regardless of the products you use, you’ll find a number of other enhancements designed to improve usability. These include:

  • Filtering Enhancements: Heatmaps and pie charts are now clickable for drill down.
  • New Sidebar: Clickable insights on the person without leaving current page.
  • Navigation Enhancements: Filters, buttons, and list management are now more visible.

An overview of these changes is available to view on demand.

We expect to remain in Soft GA for the next few weeks, after which all users will be transitioned to the new UI. Please note, Engagio will support both the new and legacy UI for a period of time after the transition to ensure a smooth experience for all users. You will receive advance notification as we prepare for each event.

Salesforce Charts: New SFDC Package Available

We’ve updated Engagio’s Salesforce Package! This update delivers Engagio charts as Visualforce components – which means they will automatically load in Salesforce for users logged into Engagio. This package update offers a number of benefits we think you’ll appreciate:

  • Users will no longer need to download the Chrome extension to view the engagement charts we all love so much. It’s important to note that they still, however, will need the Chrome extension to view information in Scout.
  • Any user not currently logged into Engagio will be prompted to login directly from that component in Salesforce. There’s no need to chase down credentials for new users.

SFDC Charts

These views are available in both Classic and Lightning on the Account and Opportunity pages. Each chart is an individual component so the admin can select which charts to add and position them as they’d like. Users must still login to Engagio to see these charts.

More information on how to get started is available here. If you have questions, contact your CSM for more details.

Out of the Box Content: New Filters, Lists and Custom Fields

We’re excited to add new predefined filters, custom fields and account lists that are now provided “out-of-the-box.”

New Filters

Available at the account, people, and activity level and designed to make drilling down to more granular views as easy as possible, the following new filters are now automatically available in the saved filter list:

  • Accounts with No People
  • Accounts with No Engagement
  • Leads Only
  • Inbound Emails
  • Meetings
  • Executives
  • Engaged Executives

New Custom Fields

Did you know that you can track engagement using any custom field in Salesforce? We’ve now made it even easier to use this feature by providing additional pre-defined custom fields to map to Salesforce. These now automatically show up under “SFDC Fields”:

  • Sales Touches (7 days)
  • Sales Touches (14 days)
  • Marketing Engagement Minutes (30 days)
  • Sales Engagement Minutes (30 days)
  • Date of Last Meeting
  • Date of Last Inbound Email
  • Date Last Activity Logged
  • Date of Last Web Activity

Note that you will also need to create corresponding custom fields in Salesforce to which to map the fields from Engagio.

If you’re not familiar with how to customize your engagement tracking using SFDC custom fields, you can learn more by viewing the slides or watching the replay of our on-demand webinar: 10 Ways to Customize Your Engagement Reporting.

New Account Lists

Finally, we have available some new custom Account Lists to help prioritize accounts on which to take action. These include:

  • Accounts with Open Opportunities
  • Highly Engaged Accounts with No Open Opportunity
  • Customer Accounts
  • MQAs with No Follow Up

Note that access to the new Account Lists does need to be enabled by our customer success team. Please contact your CSM if you’d like to turn any of the new account lists, and you can read more about all the new out of the box content here.

Lead Matching Enhancements: Lead Matching and Account Domain Reports

We continue to enhance our L2A matching capabilities. With this release, Engagio Admins can now access a new section with detailed diagnostics about lead to account matching operations, as well as to make adjustments in cases where matching is not occurring as desired due to data quality issues.

Use the Lead Matching Report to easily view match rate for any time period or segment, and to take action to address undesired matches or retry after Salesforce errors are resolved.

Lead Matching Report

With the Account Domain Report, you can now see all of the domains considered for an account along with the reason it was considered. From this report, you can take specific actions such as including or excluding certain domains from an account or adding specific domains to consider.

Account Domain Report


Any other questions or concerns? Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Chandra Patel
Product Marketing | chandra@engagio.com