Hello! Hope you all have been having a great summer. Things have been humming here at Engagio, and we have new product updates Generally Available (GA) and in Public Beta.

Just a reminder, to view features available in Public Beta, the “Show Beta Features” setting must be enabled. It is managed at the user level profile page as shown below.

New! Quick Cards and Quick Links Now in Public Beta

Effective close of business on August 6th, our new feature Quick Cards and Quick Links, will be available to all customers who have the “Show Beta Features” flag turned on.

Quick Cards, available from the Account and Account List Dashboards, are designed to help users easily discover answers to core account-based questions, e.g., Active Accounts with No Sales Touches in the Last 7 Days or Most Engaged Accounts in the Last 30 Days. The card works by saving settings for a specific analytics view – including global filters, section filters, and table column settings. This ensures the desired view is always accessible and will not require adjusting or resetting any filters.

A set of default cards have been configured with common account-based topics for “out of the box” use. Engagio Admins can customize these cards with the most relevant analytics views for their organization. The section titles and card descriptions are also editable. Editing Quick Cards is available from the “more” icon.

Reminder: These cards are only visible to users with “Show Beta Features” turned on. The cards will become visible to all users once the feature becomes GA – currently targeted for the end of August. We recommend you configure the cards during Public Beta so that once the feature is GA, all users see the cards most relevant to your business.

In addition to Quick Cards to address common questions, it’s now easier to share specific views. With the introduction of “Quick Links”, a special URL can be generated that ensures that all selected filters and column settings for that view are saved so that user with whom the link is shared will see the exact view. All you need to do is to click on the “more” icon to get the shareable link. It’s available to all users without any admin configuration.

Coming Soon! ABM Scorecard

Later in August, the ABM Scorecard will be released to Public Beta. The ABM Scorecard will be viewable from the Account Dashboard screen and allows users to compare multiple Account Lists to better understand account progression in each list across the stages of the MQA funnel.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Once you add an Account List in the admin section, Engagio will begin to take a nightly snapshot of the count of accounts in each stage so you will be able to compare the count to a previous period.
  • We recommend you add relevant Account Lists for your organization when this feature is released in public beta (target mid August). This will ensure your users see the most relevant set of Account Lists once the feature is generally available.

New Partner Cloud Steps! PFL Now Available

We’re excited to announce the addition of PFL as a new Partner Cloud Step. If you use PFL for direct mail, you can now send out physical packages through PFL as a step in a play. To get started, you need to have a store set up with PFL. Once that’s complete, an Engagio admin can enable it for use in Plays under Settings > Integration.

Reminder! Spearfishing Slack Channel

In case you weren’t aware, Engagio has a Slack Channel (engagiospearfishing.slack.com) where you can interact with our team and other Engagio ABM practitioners.

We’d like to call out a channel called #product-ideas. It’s a place for you to post post questions, ideas, and feedback on improving the Engagio platform. Going forward, we intend to proactively share updates and get feedback on product enhancements and UI designs under consideration. We’d love to see you on the channel and get your help on making Engagio more powerful for you!

Any other questions or concerns? Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 


Chandra Patel
Product Marketing | chandra@engagio.com