We’re proud to announce that Actions are now available to customers who have “Show Beta Features” turned on. Actions are accessible in Engage from either Accounts or People.


The first actions available allow users to take action at both the account and people level across the following systems:

Salesforce Actions

  • Change Person Data
  • Change Account data
  • Add to Salesforce Campaign
  • Create a Salesforce Task

Marketing Automation Actions

  • Add people to Marketo Campaign

Engagio Actions

  • Send Email
  • Add or Remove People to/from a static Account List
  • Run Play (for customers that have licensed PlayMaker)

Sales Development Actions

  • Assign SalesLoft Cadences
  • Assign Outreach Sequences

Getting Started

Actions can be enabled and managed for teams by Engagio Admins. This includes turning the Actions on or off at the system level. It also allows teams to set Actions for Admin use only.

Action Configurations

These settings are accessible via Actions Configuration under Engagio Wide Settings.

By default, Engagio Actions are set to “on” and will be visible to users. If Salesforce and Marketo are configured for Engagio, these actions are also defaulted to “on.” Please note that Salesforce actions are defaulted to admin use only.

If you use an SDR tool, you will need to enable the integration with Salesloft or Outreach if you have not previously done so. Once that integration is complete, the corresponding Actions will be defaulted to “on.”

For more information on how to enable Actions, please review the associated material at docs.engagio.com.

Any other questions or concerns? Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.