Love is in the air and we are excited to announce that this release is all about Customer Love. We have introduced a few new features and usability enhancements that came directly from you through our Ideas portal, Engagio Hydrophone! In this release you can expect:

Filter and List Cloning: Have a really cool filter or list template that you want to re-use without modifying the original? You can now easily clone filters and lists directly from the filter and list menu!

Tokens: Tokens are here! You can now insert data from one field to another by using a tokens in Change Data Value Actions.

Usability Enhancements: Applied filters on each page of Engage have been made more discoverable.

Salesloft and Outreach Enhancements: You can now choose when adding someone to an Outreach Sequence or Salesloft Cadence to create them if they do not already exist in Outreach or Salesloft.

Engagement Minutes Attribution: Dash now offers a new “Minutes Model” which allows you to calculate and weigh attribution by engagement minutes. 

UTM Attribution: You can now report on pipeline or revenue attribution by utm fields directly in dash.

To help get you started, check out Engagio’s release notes located here

Questions or concerns? Share it in our Slack Channel, via live in-app chat or reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager.