Days are getting shorter, leaves are starting to fall, and pumpkin spice fills the air–Autumn is here! Before you head home for the holidays, we have a few treats in store for you.

  • Bombora: The new Engagio + Bombora integration combines first-party engagement data and third-party intent insight to measure active demand for accounts, help prioritize which accounts need action by Sales, and orchestrate the right plays across human and automated channels. Check out the press release here!
  • Import Intent Data: For those of you using other intent providers, you can still leverage the benefits of bringing third-party intent data into Engagio through an intent activity import.
  • Hourly Recurrences: Hourly recurrences are here! You are now able to schedule automations to recur monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly.
  • Automation Cloning: Have a really cool automation template that you want to re-use without modifying the original? You can now easily clone automations directly from the automation menu!
  • Run History Enhancements: Sometimes, you just need to know what happened on a specific date. Custom date is now available for your automation’s Job and Action Status.
  • Bulk Actions: Have a bunch of automations you need to activate or deactivate? You can now manage your automations in bulk from the Automation Overview Grid.
  • New Automation Actions: You now have the ability to manage the full lifecycle of someone in a Salesforce campaign with Add to Salesforce Campaign, Change Status in SFDC Campaign and Remove from Salesforce Campaign actions.
  • Person Activity Attribution: Dash now offers a new “Engagement Minutes” attribution model on the person journey. This allows you to calculate and weigh attribution by engagement minutes for all person based stages (e.g. MQL).
  • Anonymous Web Activity: Expand your prospects with insights on the accounts that are browsing your website that are not already identified in your CRM.
  • Filter Enhancements: As an admin, you have access to all of your users’ stuff, which can some times clutter your views. With this release, you now have the ability to specify whether you want to see just public or private filters across your organization.

To help get you started, check out Engagio’s release notes located here!

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