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Product Updates: May 2018 — May 31, 2018

Product Updates: May 2018


Summer is just around the corner and we’ve been focused on getting Engagio’s new look and feel ready for graduation – here are a few things to keep in mind.

Unified Engagio Experience: Available in Public Beta on June 2nd

Last month we announced that Engagio was working to deliver a more consistent experience across our products. The first step was to unify our color scheme. This visual change, reflected in Scout and Playmaker, went live the weekend of May 4th.

We are now finishing development on the product integration that will allow users to access all Engage (Analytics) and PlayMaker activity from a single screen. The new UI will be available to users that have turned on “Show Beta Features” on their profile after close of business June 1st. Please note that the “Show Beta Features” setting is managed at the user level profile page as shown below. Users that have not turned on  “Show Beta Features” will experience no change at this time.

unnamed (4).png


Getting Started

If you are a PlayMaker customer, the new experience will look familiar but now Engage Analytics pages have been incorporated into your account views. You’ll also be able to select views at the Account List level.

unnamed (5).png


If you are not a PlayMaker customer, you’ll still be able to navigate to Engage data and functionality as the left-side navigation is similar to the existing UI. PlayMaker navigation will simply be suppressed from your view.

Regardless of the products you use, you’ll find a number of other enhancements designed to improve usability. These include:
  • Filtering Enhancements: Heatmaps and pie charts are now clickable for drill down.
  • New Sidebar: Clickable insights on the person without leaving current page.
  • Navigation Enhancements: Filters, buttons, and list management are now more visible.

More details on all of these changes are outlined in the documentation for Customer Beta: Unified Engagio Experience. As an Engagio admin, we encourage you to get an early view of these changes in Beta. If you find any issues or have feedback on Beta, you can  report these to the Engagio engineering team through Intercom.

We expect to remain in Beta for the next few weeks, after which users will be able to see these new pages without having the beta flag turned on. Please note, Engagio will support both the new and legacy UI for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition for all users. You will receive advance notification as we prepare for each event.

Finally, as you plan for this transition, the Engagio team will be providing additional resources (overview webinar, office hours) to address any outstanding questions. More information on registering for these events and receiving additional materials will be sent in the near future.


Any other questions or concerns? Share it in our Slack Channel, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reply directly back to me!

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Product Updates: Spring 2018 — May 3, 2018

Product Updates: Spring 2018


Spring has finally arrived, and we’re excited announce a number of new features that will make it easier to track and drive quality engagement.


COMING SOON! A New Look and Feel for Engagio

You’re probably aware that various parts of the Engagio platform look a bit dissimilar. We figured it was high time to update that. This will ensure that users have a more consistent Engagio experience regardless of their role or the product they’re using. We’re also excited because this consistent look and feel will allow us to more rapidly deliver product enhancements!

What does this mean for you? This migration will roll-out over several phases and is designed to deliver a new look and feel with minimal disruption to your business process. First, this weekend after close of business on Friday, May 4th, PlayMaker users will see an update to the PlayMaker dashboard color scheme. This is a visual change only and will not impact functionality or the manner in which you navigate the application.

The migration will continue over the coming weeks, but please be assured that you’ll receive advance notice along with an overview of the expected impact to your business operations.

TRACK EVEN MORE SALES ACTIVITIES: Automatic logging of Inbound Emails, Non-PlayMaker Outbound Emails, and Events

You can now log even more sales activities directly to your Salesforce instance. Engagio will detect all new inbound emails received and sent from your email client, plus all meetings or events detected from your calendar. A couple things to note:

  • All logged items must match to an account in Salesforce. These will then log against a lead or contact.
  • These activity logging types have been activated by default. An Engagio admin can deactivate logging if the business so chooses. This can be accessed via Engagio Settings > General > Activity Logging as shown below.


Learn more about how we log to Salesforce here. (And remember, all of our latest PlayMaker integrations also log into Salesforce.)


Marketing teams no longer have to worry about keeping PlayMaker activity a in sync with Account Activity in Salesforce. With Salesforce Steps in PlayMaker, it is now possible to capture the most recent activity after each PlayMaker touch without requiring account owners to manually make changes in Salesforce.

This release supports the following Salesforce actions:

  • Change account-level data fields
  • Change lead or contact-level data fields
  • Add person(s) to a Salesforce Campaign
  • Create a Salesforce Task

unnamed (2).png


Learn more about each Salesforce step type in our documentation.


If your marketing team is anything like ours, you obsess over metrics and analytics. To help be sure marketing teams have the right set of insights available, there are now ten new standard dashboards in Dash. Additionally, these dashboard are optimized to view in Classic, Lightning and Salesforce One.

Here are some details from just three of the dashboards:

  • CMO Highlights: This dashboard is designed to provide the broad visibility into the marketing team’s performance. It includes metrics such as total pipeline generated/influenced, where accounts are in the ABM account funnel, top performing channels and ROI on marketing investment.
  • Revenue and Pipeline Attribution Dashboard: This is actually two dashboards so you can explore both revenue and pipeline in depth. Each includes measures of marketing influence against total pipeline, the mix of and best performing marketing channels – and more.
  • ABM Program ROI Dashboard: You’ve defined your target account list and turned on ABM. Now what? This dashboard focuses on the performance of your ABM program and successes with target accounts. It includes deeper visibility into the Account funnel, % of accounts showing success, best performing campaigns and channels – and more.

Other new dashboards now available include:

  • MQA Impact
  • Attribution Examples
  • Journey KPIs
  • Journey KPI Details
  • Journey Stages – Inflow and Outflow
  • Campaign Bubbles
  • Channel ROI Detail

unnamed (3).png


Stay tuned for more information on documentation and resources to help you leaarn more about Dash!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 10 Ways to Customize your Engagement Reporting

We were excited to kick off our monthly webinar series sharing best practices along with tips and tricks to get the most out of Engagio. Last week, Shaun Van Weelden covered 10 Ways to Customize your Engagement Reporting. If you missed it, you can access the materials here.


Have questions or feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reach directly out to me via e-mail below!

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Product Updates: March 2018 — March 27, 2018

Product Updates: March 2018

It’s March Madness and here at Engagio we’ve been thinking about Plays!  That means new features to simplify PlayMaker workflows and view analytics on how your Plays have performed.

Partner Cloud Steps

With the introduction of Partner Cloud Steps, marketing teams no longer have to work across multiple systems to complete programs.  You can now initiate marketing activities from within PlayMaker to create multi-touch Plays without disrupting your workflow.
We’ve been working with key B2B marketing application providers to build these highly requested step-level integrations for Plays within PlayMaker.  With this release, we support integrations with:
Learn more in our Partner Cloud Step documentation portal.
Partner Cloud Steps.png

Link Click Tracking

We’ve added link click tracking ability for emails sent through PlayMaker.  The resulting tracked link clicks now also surface in Engage analytics and Play Analytics (see below).  This feature is easy to add, and you can learn more about how you can track all of your link clicks here (I’m tracking this link click, just so you know).

Play Analytics

Previously only available in beta, Play Analytics is now generally available and includes the new link click tracking feature.  You can now gain insight into how Plays are performing.  These analytics can be sliced by Play Owners, Play Content, and Custom (where you can group by any field tracked in Engagio).  Learn more details including how you can also view this in a table format, filter, and/or use custom date ranges in our Play Analytics  overview.
Play Analytics (Updated).png

On-Demand Snapshot Email Send

You no longer have to wait for Monday to see a weekly snapshot of the activity in your account lists.  You can now email activity snapshots on-demand from within the Engagio app.  Marketers can keep track of follow-ups, while sales can see progress on their target accounts throughout the week.  Each send recalculates the report and the surfaced data is based on the previous “week” (the last seven days from today).

Special Note

Keep an eye out for new announcements in the coming month around best practices, new features, and product updates.  We have plenty of new and exciting communication heading to your inbox and this blog soon.

Have questions or feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reach directly out to me via e-mail below!

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Product Updates: February 2018 — February 26, 2018

Product Updates: February 2018

engagio-banner-product-update-04a-01 (february).png

Just because Valentine’s Day already passed, we’re not done showing love for our customers this February. We have some major features and enhancements to organize and prove the impact of your efforts.

New Features

  • Play Analytics: We’ve created a new analytics dashboard for PlayMaker to help track performance. You can now gain insight into how Plays influence a number of key metrics by Play Owners, Plays, and Custom (where you can group by any field tracked in Engagio). You also have the ability to view this in a table format, filter, and/or use custom date ranges. You’ll be seeing Play Analytics roll-out over the coming weeks–keep an eye out for a follow-up announcement.




  • Dash Account Lifecycle Stage Sequencing: You can now easily define which Account Stage is allowed to follow the next by setting the Lifecycle Stage Sequence in Engagio Dash.

Dash Feb 2018 Product Update.png



  • Dash Attribution Calculation Timing Control: We’ve added the option to calculate attribution asynchronously, with a definable delay, to allow for more granular control over SFDC processes.


  • PlayMaker Integrations: Does your team use AdRoll, Oracle Eloqua, Outreach, SalesLoft, Sendoso, or Terminus? We’re finalizing our newest step-level integrations and would love to give you early access. Simply send me a note (jason@engagio.com).


Have questions or feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reach directly out to me via e-mail below!

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Engagio Users: New Default Marketing Engagement Filter — January 22, 2018

Engagio Users: New Default Marketing Engagement Filter


Last week we shared Engagio’s January product updates (if you missed it, check out the blog post). We also alerted you to a change coming to your default filter that is now live. Here’s some more details:

What is this default filter?
A new default filter (“Engagio Marketing Engagement” ) has been applied to views of engagement activities and minutes you’re seeing across Engagio. This gets applied to:

  1. Just the Dashboard section of the Engagio Analytics application.
  2. The weekly e-mail snapshot reports.
  3. Default to the Salesforce plug-in views.

This won’t change your data, just your default view of it (which you can adjust).


Marketing Filter GIF.gif


Why is it being applied?
This new filter will help you focus on marketing-driven engagement by removing sales-driven efforts–helping you better evaluate account engagement. Admins have access to add or edit activity fields and categorize engagement further using a new feature launched this week (see the “Engagement Categorization” video) that has the ability to affect your filter.

When is this happening?
The new default filter has been set and is now live.

Who will this filter affect?
You will only see this by default if you haven’t previously selected your own default filter.

How can I adjust or remove my filter?
You can always change your user-level default filter view (or remove a filter) at anytime–watch this video to learn how.


You can also easily toggle the filtered views in Engagio’s Salesforce inserts from the drop-down menu without changing your default filter.
Engagio Marketing Engagement Filter (SFDC).png


Have questions or feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reach directly out to me via e-mail below!

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Product Updates: January 2018 — January 17, 2018

Product Updates: January 2018



And just like that 2018 is here–hope the year has been off to great start for all of you!  To get things started on the right foot, we have some incredibly helpful tools to get your ABM into shape.


Admins: You can now categorize engagement minutes with activity fields.

Users: A new default filter will allow you to focus only on marketing-driven engagement from accounts.

New Features

  • Activity Fields and Categorizing Engagement Minutes:Admins now have the ability to categorize engagement activity, which will better help with filter capabilities throughout Engagio’s analytics platform.  As a starting point, we created a default “Sales Engagement vs. Marketing Engagement” field for everyone that allows admins to categorize activities as sales, marketing, or none (admins should take time to review this for your instance and reach out to your CSM for help).  You can add more activities to categorize against, analyze engagement, and create new saved filters based on categorizations.  Learn more about it in the video below.


  • Persona Mapping (Their Team):Last year we introduced persona mapping for “Our Team” inside of PlayMaker.  Now you can automatically assign players on “Their Team” based on keywords in Salesforce fields.  It use to be that the personas you typed in on “Their Team” would only be a textual clue to the person running a Play to go to the list of people and find the best fitting person.  Leveraging persona mapping will automatically suggest people that meet the persona criteria for you.  Read more about how it works in our detailed documentation.



  • New Default Filter: In the coming days, you’ll notice a new filter (“Engagio Marketing Engagement”) has been applied to your views of engagement activities, graphs, and charts you’re seeing across Engagio.  This new filter will help you focus on marketing-driven engagement minutes as categorized above (removing sales-driven efforts out of the mix).  This will only affect you if you haven’t previously selected your own default filter.  Learn how to change your user-level default filter view (or remove a filter) at anytime here.


Have questions or feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reach directly out to me via e-mail below!

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Product Updates: December 2017 — December 12, 2017

Product Updates: December 2017


I hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday season! We’ve got some presents for you as the end of the year is just around the corner.

New Features

  • Adding People as Lead OR Contact: When adding a new person in Scout, you can now select the individual to be either a lead or contact from the get go (no need to wait for matching of the lead).
  • Engagio Status: Ever wonder if Engagio is down? Visit our status page to view all planned and unplanned outages. Make sure to subscribe to receive e-mail notifications, bookmark the page, or find it directly from the Engagio homepage.


PlayBook History
Similar to an individual Play, you can how find the history of a template under PlayBook designer. Simply go to PlayBook, select any Play that you’ve used (this will be helpful for everything from one-off to batch to auto-trigger), and click the new History tab. You’ll see the Account, the Details (which links to the individual Play if you click on it), Date, and associated Player. In most cases you’ll see two items under Details: the Play ran and the first step was executed (which confirms a Play has successfully started). If there was as problem or if you hit a limit, you’ll see an error telling you such. See more in the video:


New Selection / Moving Structure in PlayBook
In PlayMaker’s PlayBook, you can now use command + mouse click to select multiple items in the content tree. Right-click on a folder or section (My Plays, Published Plays) for action options including move. Keep in mind, you cannot move folders between the My Plays and Published Plays sections. Learn more about it in the video below:


  • Weekly E-Mail Redesign: The updated weekly e-mail design is now live for all Engagio customers and users who are set receive e-mails. If you haven’t already seen this in your inbox, let us know. Among the new graphics and tables, you’ll find sections for Highlights, Most Engaged Accounts, MQAs, Open Opportunity Engagement, Web Traffic, Most Engaged People, and Most Engaged Executives. We’ve moved away from sending reports as attached PDFs, and sections are now clickable directly from the e-mail into the associated section in our Engagio Analytics dashboard.
  • Reintroduced Text Snippets in Editor: In any editor, you can now insert snippets using the “T-Snips” icon (this is now the unofficial name, FYI). Clicking on the icon will give you a dropdown of all your saved snippet options.


Have questions or feedback? Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or reply directly back to me!

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Product Updates: November 2017 — November 17, 2017

Product Updates: November 2017

We added a number of new features and updates over the last month–a lot of which revolves around customizing your Engagio data.  If you haven’t already given them a try, I think you’ll be excited to hear about what’s new!

New Features

  • There are new Salesforce inserts that can be activated and toggled under our extension settings (reminder that the inserts will only appear if you’ve downloaded and are using our Scout Chrome extension):
    • Highlights and Activities Table are live.
    • All inserts are now available on both account pages AND opportunity pages.
    • And you can dig directly into those inserts by clicking-through using the “View in Engagio” links.
  • Customize your sidebar with the new Scout Widget Panel (the nine-dot icon).
  • In Play Console, we detect if the step after a phone call is an e-mail. If so, you’ll see a new split button that will open up the e-mail step in a new tab in case you want to follow-up with an e-mail right after a call.
  • There’s no going back–deleting a folder in PlayMaker now deletes everything within it (with an extra warning step that requires you to know how to spell “delete”).


Custom Fields in Salesforce
Administrators can now customize Engagio data and how it writes back to Salesforce so it works for your sales organization.  Slice or roll-up engagement minutes, count of activities, and first engagement date for customized timeframes and filtered down to meet specific activity criteria.  Learn more about it in this spiffy video:
User Level Filters
All users are can choose their own default views for analytics throughout Engagio using the saved filter of choice under profile settings.  See how to customize this for yourself:


  • The activities on Person Profile in Scout has been updated to list of all activities in a table view with date, activity type, and associated engagement minutes (hover over the activity type to see details for that activity).
  • The Our Team section of the Pick Players screen in PlayMaker has shrunk down.
  • Click on an individual Play card in Scout and it will drill down into the Play’s history log.
  • A new tab opens when you select ‘Go to Play’ from any dropdown menu in Play Console.
  • Sorting your tasks by date (newest and oldest) now works in Play Console.
  • Landing on a phone call step in Play Console automatically pulls up the Communication History for that Play in Scout.
  • The “Daily Task Report” e-mail has been updated to sync with your Play Console tasks.
Have questions or feedback? Share it in our Slack Channel, Intercom, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


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Account Highlights and Engagement Activity Now in Salesforce — October 19, 2017

Account Highlights and Engagement Activity Now in Salesforce

If you haven’t already seen them live, there are two new inserts you’ll find in Salesforce–Account Highlights and the Engagement Activities Table.  These new additions will help you access more of Engagio’s information in more places now.

Use Account Highlights to stay updated on key people and their recent engagement.


And use the Engagement Activities table to see all interactions happening at an account including specifics like person, title, engagement type, engagement details, related minutes, and date.

Engagement Activities.jpg

But wait–there’s a few more tweaks, as well:

Saved Filters

You now can get a bit more specific with the of data you’re seeing in these inserts by using saved filters (click here to learn how to create saved filters).  Simply select a filter you’ve created from the dropdown, and this will apply to the Engagement Trend Chart and the Engagement Activities.

Fillters (more).gif

I know what you’re thinking–where did the heat map go? (AKA: the colorful boxes you use to see before)–not to worry, it’s still around just not turned on by default.  You can turn it back on:

  1. Click on the Engagio icon in the top your Chrome browser.
  2. Select “Options” from the menu.
  3. Toggle the heat map on or off (or toggle any inserts you like to your heart’s content).


Reminder that the inserts will only appear if you’ve downloaded and are using our Chrome extension (you can get it here).

Got feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel or Intercom.  In the meantime, watch you Halloween candy intake–Franken-Gio looks like he might have had a few too many…




P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the near future:

Drilling Into Engagio

View in Engagio.jpg

Want to dive a little deeper into the data you’re seeing in the Salesforce inserts?  You will be able to click directly into Engagio and land on the associated view in our ABM Analytics dashboard, by clicking on the “View in Engagio” links.

Our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration is Here! — October 11, 2017

Our LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration is Here!

Engagio is excited to announce that we are launching an integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

We have been included in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP), and starting today you will be able to access our latest integration (check out how it works below).

Updated LinkedIn Blog Post.gif

Now you can view LinkedIn Sales Navigator information wherever you can see a person’s profile in Engagio (specifically under the People section in PlayMaker and our Scout extension).

Inside the LinkedIn Sales Navigator display, you will be able to:

  • Mention Icebreakers to identify commonalities between you and your prospect within the display
  • View additional profile details to the extent provided by a LinkedIn end user–including photos, current roles, and work history from within PlayMaker and Scout.
  • Uncover the best way to get introduced through TeamLink
  • Find new leads directly in PlayMaker and Scout with Lead Recommendations

Keep in mind that using this latest integration requires a Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license.

We know many of you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator information, and now it will be even easier for you to access that directly in Engagio.

Got feedback?  Share it in our Slack Channel or Intercom.