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Mid-Summer Scout Enhancements — August 21, 2017

Mid-Summer Scout Enhancements

We really want you to be able to do more and more work directly in Scout.

What’s Scout? Have you seen the 3 minute Scout video? It’s cool.

The big improvement right now is that you can edit emails directly from Scout.

Let’s say you are in LinkedIn or Salesforce. Just pop open Scout and click Run Play, then click the little green plus.


(That’s my first animated gif screen capture. I hope it works)

If you are running a play from Scout and the first step is an email, it will let you edit the text right there. Lastly, if you approve emails, you can now edit the emails before you approve. This works great on your phone too.

Just go to http://scout.engagio.com on your phone and get lots of value.

Some other items of note:

  • In the person profile, click on the logged emails. They now go to the specific email. I started using that one today and love it.
  • In the Admin section, you can suppress Communication History.
  • On that same page, you can now set custom fields to use for Scout’s profile picture, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • You can now run plays from the people page in Scout (Image below)


Plus, of course, lots of bug fixes and performance enhancements. We are always trying to make things smoother, more usable and faster.

We have some big things in the hopper that will help you and your team be super heroes. Right Gio?


New Play Steps (LinkedIn/Marketo) — June 19, 2017

New Play Steps (LinkedIn/Marketo)

Two new play steps are available for you. Marketo and LinkedIn.


Marketo Play Step

This step uses the Request Campaign trigger. Here are instructions on how to set up your Marketo Smart Campaign to show up on the list. All you need to do is add the step in your play and PlayMaker will do the rest.


You choose the people you want to add to that Smart Campaign and which campaign you want to use. Optionally, you can specify an approver. If you just want it to be automatic, leave the approver blank.

Examples of using this step in a play:

  1. Human-to-Automation
    Start with a human email or phone call step and if you receive no reply, add them to a nurture stream. After a few months, the play will continue with some more human emails/phone calls. Switch seamlessly between automation and human effort. That’s Marketing Orchestration!
  2. Data Management
    If you want to change a field on a lead or contact when a play reaches a certain point, just throw in the Marketo step and get all the power of automation right in the middle of your play.

Share your usage in the Slack Channel. We want to hear what you are doing.

More documentation on the Marketo Play step.


This step is pretty straightforward. If you want the sales rep or ADR to send someone a message through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, just throw int he step and it will make a specialized task for them.

The task will link people directly to the compose window in LinkedIn and copy the text of the message to the clipboard. As LinkedIn opens up their APIs we plan on even deeper integrations.

Give it a try. Different people will respond more/less through different channels?  Which channel should we roll out next? Let us know in the Slack channel or through Intercom at the bottom left of the Engagio app.

More documentation on the LinkedIn Play step.

Cool, right?


Bugs, Fit & Finish, and Beta Features — May 22, 2017

Bugs, Fit & Finish, and Beta Features

Bug Bashing
The last month or so, we have fixed over 150 bugs. Hopefully, you have seen the improved stability and reliability. We take quality seriously. So if you see a bug, please report it to the slack channel. I will personally see to it that it gets attention.

Additionally, we have improved a bunch of things that we call fit & finish all over Engagio. There are more to come, but here are some examples:

Account Play Table
When you go to an account in PlayMaker and click on Plays you will see a table with just the plays for that account including good information about them. Right click on the status to delete or resolve a play.

Run Play in Account is less confusing
When you go to an account and look on the right, the playbook is no longer there. Instead, look to the bottom and you can see the Run Play Bar. Click it and it will give you the playbook to choose your play or start with a simple step.

Play Table and Run Play Bar

Run Play buttons

This is a change from how it was. The intention is to make it less confusing when you are editing the playbook vs. editing an individual play. You still have a snippets section for when you want to drag content into an email. More documentation on Run Play. This is also not consistent with running a play from Salesforce.com.

Persona Warnings
This one is a request from customers just like you. When the persona has a warning, the email or phone would blink red. We added a little line to show exactly what’s wrong rather than wait for the user to hover.


Note: It automatically detects if the person has an email or phone step targeting them. It won’t give you a warning if no steps target that person.

Sender Tokens
It’s a minor thing, but you should always use Sender Tokens when signing off an email that you design in the PlayBook. The reason is that someone could change who the email is from and you don’t want to have a mismatch on the signature. It’s easy to do. When you add the token, just choose sender on the left and it will do the rest for you.


Program Impact Groupings
In Analytics, you can now group program impact by Salesforce Campaign/Type or by Marketo Tag/Channel. Don’t forget all the cool columns you can add to make a true ABM program impact report.


Official Beta Program
Go to your personal profile page and you will see a new option there called Advanced Settings.


Change it to “Show Beta Features” and you will see new functionality. Beta features aren’t perfect, but do it if like to live on the edge.

Example beta feature: Run Play from Salesforce Account
Go to Salesforce and bring up an account. Remember, you need to have Show Beta Features turned on. You will see this button:


That will slide Scout out and let you run a play for that account. We are improving that feature significantly in the future, so stay tuned for more.

MQA Flexibility (beta – soon to be released)
Ask your CSM if you are interested in enhancing your MQA settings. A bigger rollout will be coming soon as it exits beta. Until then, keep it on the DL.

There are some major features that should be coming out in the next month or so. I am excited and so is Gio. He is working out with Soul Cycle getting ready for the next big features.





Import Template in GMail — March 10, 2017

Import Template in GMail

We are working on some big changes and improvements that are all scheduled to go out over the next 90 days. Whenever possible, we are going to release those improvements as we go, rather than hold them back for a single big release.

That way, we can get feedback as we go.

This update is pretty straight forward. When you are in GMail, you can click the Engagio button in the compose window (see below) and choose a template from your playbook.

Engagio button in GMail compose window

This will insert the text of the template directly into the compose window.

In case you didn’t know how to make a template, just click on the Save as Text Icon in the Email step.

Save as Text.jpg

You can’t directly edit the templates yet, but that is also on the horizon. In the meantime, just create these templates and let your SDRs go to town.

Fun Fact: New employees to Engagio get a mug with their name and custom Gio illustration. Here is the latest request: Hockey Gio!


Want to work with Engagio? Check out the open positions.


Scout Nav Evolution — March 7, 2017

Scout Nav Evolution

We are engineering some big feature enhancements to Scout in the near future. To prepare for that, we are moving a few things around. Sorry for moving the cheese, I usually try not to do that.

Where did the people panel go?!?
Again, sorry for moving the cheese. It will all make sense soon. The people information has moved to the right side. See the two people icon on the top right, that’s it. On that score, we changed is how scout looks. Rather than a menu navigation, it is now a sidebar navigation on the right.


The icon choices (from top to bottom) are:

  1. People list
  2. Account dashboard
  3. List of active plays
  4. Communication history
  5. Plays or text snippets
  6. Tasks (at the bottom right)

When you navigate the choices will remain sticky for you, except in special circumstances. For example, if you are on the players page, the people side panel will open up automatically. We also added the most engaged people at the top of the people panel to help identify the right people to target.

An additional change is in the PlayBook area. Scout on the right side is simplified to eliminate the confusion of which section you are in. No more nav or tasks. Don’t worry, tasks are about to get their own major section very soon.

If you have questions about the new architecture or would like to see the new Tasks UI design up close, just click on the intercom chat icon on the bottom left of the screen and Shaun can help schedule time. Lots more work happening to make Engagio easier and faster than ever before.


February: Month of Love — February 10, 2017

February: Month of Love

We have so much new stuff to show you. Between now and Valentines Day, we will roll out all kinds of customer love and goodness.

Today, we will start with a small but important one. You can now go to the program impact table and add a column for Engagement Minutes.


This will let you see how your programs are driving overall engagement.

It’s the simple things in life, yes? Stay tuned for all kinds of presents in the coming days.



Eleven-Eleven Goodness — November 11, 2016

Eleven-Eleven Goodness

For 11-11-2016, I have a laundry list for you. Ready?

Fix incorrect leads-account match

This one is quite simple. Let’s say you have a lead who somehow got matched to a specific account, but you realize that it was a mistake. You can change the matched account directly in salesforce. Here is how.

Find the Engagio Matched Account on the lead. Click to edit and then use the search feature to find the right account.


Leave the account blank to remove matching altogether for that lead.

The system will pick up the change in the nightly sync and rematch the lead everywhere in the system.

Scout Options for Salesforce

Right-click on the Engagio chrome extension and click Options.



You will see a choice to hide the charts or change their placement. We will likely make other charts available in there soon. Also, if you collapse any of the sections, it will be sticky and remember how you left it.

Enhanced Wait Options

We improved the usability of the advanced wait options. It’s clearer now what you are choosing. Click the button called “Choose Date” if you want to pick from a calendar.


Do you think it could use more love? Use Slack to send us feedback and we will improve it.

I hope you like, no LOVE the updates. Go for love or don’t go at all, amirite?


Auto-Pause on Phone Connect and Other Fun Stuff — November 8, 2016

Auto-Pause on Phone Connect and Other Fun Stuff

Phone calls can end in several outcomes.


The first three (Good, Neutral, Bad) are “connects”. It means you spoke to the person and could judge their willingness to engage in a sale. The third three (Voicemail, Wrong Number and No Connect) are “no connect”. Usually you want a play to pause if their is a successful phone connect. Just jump to the settings of a play and you will see the auto-pause feature to do exactly that.


Nice, right?

Some other goodies:

  • Go to Manage Account Lists. Notice the extra column that says Lead to Account Setting. Now you can see which lists have an L2A setting without having to look at each one individually.
  • Check out your tasks. You will notice a little button on the right side. It gives you a bunch of task options. Give it a try. Also, make sure to try it in your mobile browser too. Just go to scout.engagio.com and swipe left on a task.


Happy Eel-ection Day! Go vote like Gio!



Engagement Mins for Sales Meetings and Replies — October 31, 2016

Engagement Mins for Sales Meetings and Replies

Happy Halloween! Here is a nice treat for you.

For GMail customers, Did you know you can roll out Scout to as many people in your organization as you want? It’s true!

Why bother?

For starters, you get engagement activity automatically inserted into Salesforce. Secondly, Scout looks in each person’s calendar for meetings with people from accounts. These meetings can be used for engagement minutes. So you end up with 60 minutes of engagement from a 60 minute meeting. Sweet, right?

But wait, there is one more treat. Inbound emails are also trackable in engagement. So when your prospect replies to your email, we automatically detect it. Assign minutes for an average reply and that time is logged.

Remember, before they pay you money, they pay you attention. Keep track of it for your target accounts!

Just go to the admin – engagement section and add it in.


Happy Halloween! Here is Gio’s Borg costume.


His original costume freaked us all out. What the heck, Gio??


Open Email Detail — October 26, 2016

Open Email Detail

Not all emails are the same. So why should we measure them the same way? Well, now we separate them out. In managing engagement minutes or seeing them in the engagement activity table you will notice the following breakdown:

Engagio Open Email – If someone opens an email sent from Engagio PlayMaker.

Marketing Open Email – If someone opens your email sent from your marketing automation system.

Open Sales Email – If someone opens an email that comes from Marketo Sales Insight or the Outlook add-in.

You can score these independently. My own best practice is to limit the amount of minutes you give to any email open.

More detail on engagement types. Lots more good programming on the way. Gio has even gotten in on the act and joined the engineering team.