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Pipeline Columns in Accounts — October 21, 2016

Pipeline Columns in Accounts

A small but important feature is fresh out of the oven. Go to the Accounts page in Analytics. Click on Edit Columns. Choose and add from the left the columns Open Pipeline and Expected Revenue.


It will add Open Pipeline and Expected Revenue to your Accounts table.

  • Open Pipeline is the value of all of your Salesforce opportunities for that account.
  • Expected Revenue is that value multiplied by the probability % of that opportunity (if it exists)

We have a slew of analytics improvements slated for the coming weeks and months.

New Admin Section: Check out the beta of the new admin area. It has some cool new features such as logging PlayMaker emails and phone calls to Salesforce. Let us know what you think!


Clickable MQA Funnel — October 14, 2016

Clickable MQA Funnel

A Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) is a big thing. It allows marketing to talk the language of sales. Accounts, not leads, are the currency of choice for sales monitor. In Analytics, you can view the MQA Funnel, but have you ever wished you could click on the other parts of the funnel and see the accounts in it?  (I certainly have!)

Well, now you can.  Just navigate to the MQA Accounts page in ABM Analytics and just click on the funnel.

Now you can click on the MQA Funnel!

It will update the table below and show you all the accounts for that stage in the funnel.  Of course, it is filtered based on your list and settings above.

Lots of usability enhancements and features coming your way.

For those of you from Boston (Brett! Will! Jennie!), we feel your pain.  Next year!


Group By Custom Field — October 11, 2016

Group By Custom Field

We are working on lots of good stuff. but here is a little gem for you. You can filter the people in PlayMaker now by your own custom field.

Group by any SFDC Custom Field

If you don’t already have a “persona” field in salesforce, this may be a good time to create one. On the roadmap is the ability to automatically map players using a field like that. Additionally, People Management (coming soon) will let you update data including those fields.

Personas are just the kinda of people you talk to in a buying cycle. Usually, different titles are the key to the right persona, but you can make them on any dimension you want.

Lots of stuff cooking in the engineering kitchen. It will be quite a meal.


C’est Magnifique!

Filter out Waiting Tasks — September 29, 2016

Filter out Waiting Tasks

Minor feature but very useful for a specific use case.

We have an internal player named Carly. She is responsible for customizing about 50 invitations to our big party at the MOMA during Dreamforce 2016. These emails are sent on behalf of our CEO, Jon. While Carly is waiting for Jon to approve the emails, Carly still has “Play is Waiting” tasks in her queue.

To help Carly go through her tasks, Jing (my favorite engineer), added this simple filter to eliminate those tasks that she can’t move forward herself.


Some cool stuff in the works. I’m going to put improvements big and small here so subsscribe via email at the bottom of the page.

Since this is a small feature, here is a small baby Gio.