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Reply and Forward Steps — February 7, 2017

Reply and Forward Steps

Reply and Forward are easy to use but incredibly powerful in the context of a play.

You will notice when you are designing a play, new steps appear.

Reply and Forward!

The first step can’t be a reply (yet!). However, after you have your first email you can add in forwards or replies from that email. When you add the step it asks you which email you want to reference.

Choose the email to reference

Once you choose, it looks like this.


Those tokens are there because you are still editing the first email. They will automatically put in the right text once the first email is sent. I just ran this play and put a task in the second email so you can see what it looks like.


Notice how the text is not a token anymore. You can edit it like a normal email. However, the dates and who sent it look exactly the way Gmail and Outlook render replies. People will not be able to tell the difference.

You should use replies and forwards to make your interactions seem 100% human and natural. The whole point of this sort of system is to scale human creativity. People can smell a fake email a mile away. Make your forwards and replies a natural part of your play design.

An example of a reply play is the “Handoff”. This is when the SDR writes an email to a prospect introducing them to the AE. The second step is a reply from the AE thanking the SDR. It should include relevant information like business goals. This simple play ensures a smooth transition in sales. Having a play for it means the AE doesn’t need to do any work to make the handoff a success.

Not alot of user interface, but it works smoothly. This feature is pretty rock and roll, don’t you think?



Refresh Account — December 9, 2016

Refresh Account

Ok, this is the last one for today…and it’s a crucial one.

You can now update the information for an account from Salesforce on demand. Also, you can easily import a new account from Salesforce without having to wait overnight. Huzzah!

The first one is easy. Just update whatever fields you want in Salesforce and then click the refresh button in PlayMaker.


Simple is as simple does. Note: Refresh Account will not update the engagement analytics. It will just import new people in the account and update fields for other people and the account.

To import a brand new account, just try to search for the name of the account you created in Salesforce and click Import Account.


Enter in the Salesforce ID and it will do the rest automagically.



Now now, when you have a brand new account you can run the play immediately. This is an exciting day, lots of goodness. It makes Gio just want to spout!



Account Dashboard —

Account Dashboard

Introducing the brand new, super fancy and useful Account Dashboard. Just open up an account in Scout or PlayMaker and you will see the goodness.



It’s got configurable fields at the top, Engagement history and more. All the info you need at your fingertips. Use the most engaged people to target specific people at the account in your plays. Please take a look and let us know what you think. We are eager to keep improving it.

We just get to build this stuff, but you get to use it every day. We are so jelly.


Pro-tip: Did you know you can get assistance at any time by clicking the intercom button at the bottom right?


CoffeeSender —


Our first cloud step is up and running. You can now automate a CoffeeSender gift card right from a play. Each potential sender should put in their CoffeeSender credentials in their profile.

Then, just add the step like any other and it will send automatically.

The body text is included in their custom message. As a security measure, an approval is required for all gift cards. You can approve quickly in Scout.

Pro Tip: Did you know you could open http://scout.engagio.com for a streamlined experience?

Each new step we deliver makes me feel as warm as a good cup of joe.


Engagement Mins by Status — November 29, 2016

Engagement Mins by Status

Marketo Programs and Salesforce Campaigns are key tools to keep track of who was involved in which events and marketing initiatives. Up until now, you could only track minutes on membership in those programs/campaigns, not split it out with different statuses.

Head on over to the admin -> engagement section and check out the new ability to specify status in your programs or campaigns.


It works for both the Marketo Programs section as well as the Salesforce Campaign section.

As an example, if you have a 1 hour webinar; give 1 min for “Registered”, 60 mins for “Attended” and nothing for “No Show”. This will likely result in a whole bunch of changes for your scoring.

Note: Remember that changes work retroactively, and are compiled each night.

Helpful Tip
Marketing and Sales often get out of alignment regarding scoring. Make sure your end-users, the SDRs and Account Execs believe in and support the scoring system. If you have accounts that “look wrong” to them, they will start to ignore the engagement altogether. This would be a bad outcome, obviously.

Stay in touch and aligned between sales and marketing and good things happen.

Also stay in touch with me, let me know your ideas in the Engagio Spearfishing Club.

Gio loves spear fishing. Sometimes, he goes overboard though. Too much coffee maybe.


Eleven-Eleven Goodness — November 11, 2016

Eleven-Eleven Goodness

For 11-11-2016, I have a laundry list for you. Ready?

Fix incorrect leads-account match

This one is quite simple. Let’s say you have a lead who somehow got matched to a specific account, but you realize that it was a mistake. You can change the matched account directly in salesforce. Here is how.

Find the Engagio Matched Account on the lead. Click to edit and then use the search feature to find the right account.


Leave the account blank to remove matching altogether for that lead.

The system will pick up the change in the nightly sync and rematch the lead everywhere in the system.

Scout Options for Salesforce

Right-click on the Engagio chrome extension and click Options.



You will see a choice to hide the charts or change their placement. We will likely make other charts available in there soon. Also, if you collapse any of the sections, it will be sticky and remember how you left it.

Enhanced Wait Options

We improved the usability of the advanced wait options. It’s clearer now what you are choosing. Click the button called “Choose Date” if you want to pick from a calendar.


Do you think it could use more love? Use Slack to send us feedback and we will improve it.

I hope you like, no LOVE the updates. Go for love or don’t go at all, amirite?


Auto-Pause on Phone Connect and Other Fun Stuff — November 8, 2016

Auto-Pause on Phone Connect and Other Fun Stuff

Phone calls can end in several outcomes.


The first three (Good, Neutral, Bad) are “connects”. It means you spoke to the person and could judge their willingness to engage in a sale. The third three (Voicemail, Wrong Number and No Connect) are “no connect”. Usually you want a play to pause if their is a successful phone connect. Just jump to the settings of a play and you will see the auto-pause feature to do exactly that.


Nice, right?

Some other goodies:

  • Go to Manage Account Lists. Notice the extra column that says Lead to Account Setting. Now you can see which lists have an L2A setting without having to look at each one individually.
  • Check out your tasks. You will notice a little button on the right side. It gives you a bunch of task options. Give it a try. Also, make sure to try it in your mobile browser too. Just go to scout.engagio.com and swipe left on a task.


Happy Eel-ection Day! Go vote like Gio!



Engagement Mins for Sales Meetings and Replies — October 31, 2016

Engagement Mins for Sales Meetings and Replies

Happy Halloween! Here is a nice treat for you.

For GMail customers, Did you know you can roll out Scout to as many people in your organization as you want? It’s true!

Why bother?

For starters, you get engagement activity automatically inserted into Salesforce. Secondly, Scout looks in each person’s calendar for meetings with people from accounts. These meetings can be used for engagement minutes. So you end up with 60 minutes of engagement from a 60 minute meeting. Sweet, right?

But wait, there is one more treat. Inbound emails are also trackable in engagement. So when your prospect replies to your email, we automatically detect it. Assign minutes for an average reply and that time is logged.

Remember, before they pay you money, they pay you attention. Keep track of it for your target accounts!

Just go to the admin – engagement section and add it in.


Happy Halloween! Here is Gio’s Borg costume.


His original costume freaked us all out. What the heck, Gio??


Open Email Detail — October 26, 2016

Open Email Detail

Not all emails are the same. So why should we measure them the same way? Well, now we separate them out. In managing engagement minutes or seeing them in the engagement activity table you will notice the following breakdown:

Engagio Open Email – If someone opens an email sent from Engagio PlayMaker.

Marketing Open Email – If someone opens your email sent from your marketing automation system.

Open Sales Email – If someone opens an email that comes from Marketo Sales Insight or the Outlook add-in.

You can score these independently. My own best practice is to limit the amount of minutes you give to any email open.

More detail on engagement types. Lots more good programming on the way. Gio has even gotten in on the act and joined the engineering team.


Pipeline Columns in Accounts — October 21, 2016

Pipeline Columns in Accounts

A small but important feature is fresh out of the oven. Go to the Accounts page in Analytics. Click on Edit Columns. Choose and add from the left the columns Open Pipeline and Expected Revenue.


It will add Open Pipeline and Expected Revenue to your Accounts table.

  • Open Pipeline is the value of all of your Salesforce opportunities for that account.
  • Expected Revenue is that value multiplied by the probability % of that opportunity (if it exists)

We have a slew of analytics improvements slated for the coming weeks and months.

New Admin Section: Check out the beta of the new admin area. It has some cool new features such as logging PlayMaker emails and phone calls to Salesforce. Let us know what you think!